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Many Canadian go looking for RRSP Canada information only around tax time. A RRSP should be the foundation of the majority of Canadians retirement plan and is a key tool for personal tax planning, not just something you have to contribute to in February. Registered Retirement Savings Plans provide tremendous tax deferral opportunities that most of us cannot afford to pass up. Unfortunately many Canadians investing and anything related to investing is a mystery.

Below is
a wide range of information investors at any age can and income level can make use of.

RRSP Articles

What is an RRSP ?
Find out what a Registered Retirement Plan really is all about

Spousal RRSP
Depending on your situation you may be able to split income and reduce taxes

RRSP Withdrawals
Rules and consequences of getting your money out of a plan. The Homebuyers (HBP) and Life Long Learning (LLP) Plans are also covered here.

Locked in RRSP
Retirement plans governed by pension laws

RRSP Contribution Limit
Find out how much you can put towards your retirement

Self Directed RRSP
Retirement plans for the do-it-yourself investor

RRSP Question
Can't find what you are looking for, click here and Ask Us.

Tax planning tips specifically for RRSP's

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