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Common Tax Deductions and Credits Canada, Do You Know Them?

Every taxpayer should be aware of the Common Tax Deductions and tax credits that are available to them. Every year thousand of taxpayers unknowingly pay more tax than they have to because they miss deductions
and credits. Yes, the list is extensive, but with a little research you might one or two that apply to you. That's great but what is better you can have returns for the last 10 year revised if you find ones that could have applied in past years also. So, waste no more time, get reading!

Common Canadian Overlooked Tax Deductions- A list of tax deductions that are frequently missed, don't give the CRA any more than they deserve.

RRSP and other Retirement Savings Plans - Likely the most well known Canadian Tax Deduction, save big on tax when you save for retirement.

I found a deduction I should have been claiming all along, how do I adjust prior year returns?

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